4 fruits that you should be eating the seeds from!

Have you ever been eating into a delicious piece of fruit, and annoyingly, been having to pick out the seeds every other second? Well, turns out that you might actually want to start eating some of those seeds!

Current research is starting to show that many of these seeds are incredibly nutritious! Not only do many of them contain valuable macro-nutrients such as fiber, protein, and healthy fats, but many of them also contain phytochemicals that can combat many of the most dreadful diseases that we are plagued with today.

The seeds from fruit can also create another avenue for sources of protein for those that are living vegetarian or vegan lifestyles as well. So, let’s get this show on the road and let me introduce you to the TOP 4 fruits which YOU should be eating the seeds from!


Polyphenols! These are the planet molecules that give fruit their color and supply them  with heavy antioxidant capacity. A study reported in October of 2002 in “Food Journal” compared the total polyphenol content of extracts from various seeds of several different citrus fruits, which included two varieties of tangerine. Kaew-wan, which was one of the tangerine varieties included, had the highest content of polyphenols of the seven citrus types that were studied.

Limonoids are the bitter citrus compounds found in the seeds, peel and fruit. This group of compounds exhibit a wide range of potential health benefits in clinical study, including anticancer, antibacterial, antifungal, antimalarial, and antiviral activities.

There has even been significant progress on the role of limonoids as potential candidates for cancer prevention and use an adjunct to cancer therapy. So next time you’re chowing down on one of these baby’s, you may not want to be spitting out these possible benefits!


For one, these bad boys are loaded with B vitamins, with the highest amounts in niacin and folate. B vitamins help convert our food into energy and help many bodily functions stay in balance.






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